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SI Secure

Sinfo One has created a comprehensive, integrated and open solution to help eliminate any risks associated with the use and spread of digital information through standard office automation tools.

SI Secure is the 'turn-key' solution specializing in security and protection of business information and personal data based on Oracle Information Rights Management (IRM).

Security, privacy and conformity

Thanks to its expertise, built through vast experience in the sector at international level, Sinfo One can help customers build the foundation for a more effective 'defence model' against the spread and improper use of confidential information.

Definition of organizational models, role distribution and responsibilities for data security management:

  • Definition of the model and processes that allow all related functions to operate, from an address to operating management, to risk analysis and management. Includes risk assessment and measurement planning and risk indicators classification.
  • Definition of policy security (standard processes, flows of approval, definition of contents).
  • Handling of issues related to IT Compliance.
  • Planning and initiatives for business IT compliance.
  • IT Audit - IT procedure controls associated with the distribution of IT security services.

Oracle Information Rights Management (IRM)

"Sealed" information

Any information stored, transmitted or used cannot be accessed by users without authorization. Access, real or presumed, is verified centrally.

Authorized access may be cancelled at any time, for instance, in case of any duplication.

Oracle Information Rights Management allows users to:

  • Create and use "sealed" information within standard desktop applications.
  • "Seal" and send email messages from standard electronic mail applications. "Seal" with the right click in Windows Explorer.
  • Automatically synchronize 'hands free' offline operating rights.

Oracle Information Rights Management is based on standard cryptographic algorithms such as AES-128 and RSA1024, combined with advanced defence mechanisms against reverse engineering and violation.

For more information, please contact: security@sinfo-one.it


Oracle EMEA Partner Specialization Award 2010     Oracle Partner Excellence Award PLM 2013


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Sinfo One has created a comprehensive, integrated and open solution to help eliminate any risks associated with the use and spread of digital information through standard office automation tools.
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