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Innovation Sinfo Laboratories - IsiLab

Innovation Sinfo Laboratories (IsiLab) represent our real commitment to research and development and the implementation of innovation through the testing and application of the most advanced technologies to support businesses.

Business Intelligence for the Future

Today's businesses have an enormous amount of data in hand, either directly or indirectly.

The challenge is how to transform data into information.

With our BI IsiLab solutions we have gone even further: we use technology to transform data into information and information into business value.

Today data in itself is not enough for me; I should be able to analyse it in a dynamic way and in different forms. Data should be readily available and intuitive without the need for me to be an IT expert. I should be able to project it into simulation scenarios in order to try and predict and be prepared to meet the changing conditions around the enterprise.

We believe this is the future of business intelligence.

Supply Chain Management

Today supply chain management environments are extending their operations and geographical sites; the enterprise is not isolated. On the contrary, it is integrated in collaborative networks where goods travel together with information.

The design of organisational and collaborative models and the adoption of the most advanced tools is an absolute must for all businesses striving for a competitive edge in the manufacturing market.

However, technology on its own is insufficient without adequate competencies, the right organisational framework and a fair amount of flexibility in operating models.

With IsiLab on SCM we offer real perspectives supported by tools and methodologies that allow the governance of operation processes: from planning to scheduling, from transportation to customer/supplier collaboration.


In any organisation there are a number of management systems in place addressing different operating and business requirements. The problem most IT experts face daily (with consequent waste of resources and not always with the expected results) is communication and the interaction between different applications and platforms to address business dynamics.

Today there are technologies and tools that help manage the integration of disparate applications more flexibly and structurally, by separating the technical aspect from that of process modelling and information flows.

With our IsiLab for Enterprise Application Integration and Service Oriented Architecture we have identified and tested the required approach, which is both methodological and technological, to address with certainty the issue of applications integration from the point of view of measurable results and necessary costs.

Content & Collaborative Management

Managing the exponential growth of unstructured content, including electronic documents, e-mail, and audio and video files is one of the main challenges for businesses today. Failing to address this issue means underestimating the associated risks such as waste and consequent high costs.

So why not take advantage of the innovations that internet-based technologies can offer; for instance, opening up collaboration and workflows that simplify business operations such as managing authorisation flows, sending documents, etc.

With our IsiLab on Content & Collaborative Management we have tested and implemented concrete solutions that allow companies to gain real benefits and make savings by deploying these technologies.

System architecture & security

Flexible tools are supported by a complex architectural framework in terms of machinery and networks, and if it is truly and entirely transparent to the end user, it is also subject to ongoing and rigorous study for the business IT.

In addition, more demanding legislation, the risks associated with internet based information and the volatile nature of unstructured data require broader and more pervasive levels of security and protection.

With our IsiLab on themes associated with security and architecture, we have created specific solutions that can address issues in these areas.


Oracle EMEA Partner Specialization Award 2010     Oracle Partner Excellence Award PLM 2013


D.O.T. Project - Oracle Accelerate Solution for ETO
D.O.T. Project is an Oracle Accelerate Solutions based on JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and addressed to Engineering to Order Companies
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Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
Designed specifically for SMEs, Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is an integrated application suite offering a complete set of industry-specific business tools and guaranteeing a reduced "total cost of ownership" (TCO).
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Si around - Product Lifecycle Management
Si around is Sinfo One's solution for Product Lifecycle Management, addressed to Food & Beverage and CPG companies. Si around is built on the basis of Sinfo One¿s significant experience and Oracle Agile.
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Enterprise Content Management
Sinfo One has adopted the Oracle WebCenter Content technology and developed vertical solutions that address specific themes and have in common the implementation of corporate procedures designed to reduce paper flows and generate greater efficiency
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D.O.T. - Oracle Accelerate Food & Beverage
D.O.T. (Technological Designation of Origin) is a vertical solution developed by Sinfo One, thanks to their extensive knowledge of the food and beverage sector and of the Oracle JD Edwards Enterprise One platform.
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SiJDox - ERP Oracle JDE Integrated Document Solution
SiJDox Sinfo One's proposed solution to transfer and exchange business information between customers, partners and suppliers without regard to the source, format or the required use.
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SI Secure
Sinfo One has created a comprehensive, integrated and open solution to help eliminate any risks associated with the use and spread of digital information through standard office automation tools.
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Step (Planning Systems)
Step is the result of know-how, experience, efficiency and the use of the highest technology.
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Si Fides
Si Fides is an extended ERP entirely created by Sinfo One. SiFides originated from knowledge and monitoring of customer processes, with whom we interact proactively.
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