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Enterprise Content Management in Beretta

Gruppo Beretta, supported by Sinfo One, has begun a migration process towards a centralized and paperless business information solution, with the aim of reducing operational costs, enhancing business processes and customer services and developing new services for agents, partners and customers.

Gruppo Beretta - Requirements

Gruppo Beretta is one of the leading producers of Italian-made cold meats, trading in all European and several non-European countries. It is one of the most dynamic and prominent business entities in Italian food exports. Alongside the provision of DOP and IGP salami, Gruppo Beretta's production includes all Italian cold meat products, representing the most important part of the Italian food industry, with a profit of over 7.2 billion Euros. In total, the range of products amounts to 500. The company has 16 production sites, each specializing in unit production. Its headquarters, administration and food terminal are based on Trezzo sull'Adda. The group also controls two American companies (in California and New Jersey) both specializing in the production of 'Italian style' cold meats and are also used as base for exporting premium quality Italian cold meat products to North America. Finally, the recently joint venture with JURUN (a leader in the Chinese cold meat sector, based in Nanchino) is also up and running. With sales, in 2008, of 510 million Euros, 1047 employees and 130 sales officers and marketing agents, Gruppo Beretta is at the forefront of the Italian cold meat market.

The need to manage the whole range of information in an enterprise of this size and spread led Gruppo Beretta to implement an enterprise content management strategy covering day-to-day customer/supplier finance and accounting procedures through to all business areas and functions.

Gruppo Beretta's immediate objective is to automate and migrate towards a paperless procure-to-pay cycle, which is at present entirely paper based with clear inefficiencies. This can be achieved with ERP Oracle J.D. Edwards integrated suite and in compliance with the regulatory requirements.

This represents the first step towards achieving improved overall data accessibility and process efficiency.

SiJDox - Sinfo One solution

Sinfo One, has partnered with Beretta in the implementation of ERP Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne platform and has chosen Oracle Enterprise Content Management and SiJDox as the solution to the Group's needs.

Oracle Enterprise Content Management, certified partner of Sinfo One, is Oracle's technological platform, supporting an enterprise content management strategy for non-structured data such as estimates, special offers, products, videos, catalogues, websites, etc.

SiJDox is the solution that Sinfo One has identified for businesses. Implemented on Oracle ECM using Oracle JDE and requiring an integrated Content Management tool, this enables to:

  • File documents produced by ERP Oracle JDEdwards (e.g. sales invoices, ddt, supplier invoices, delivery notes) in a structured and automatic way;
  • Replace existing paper-based filing systems in compliance with regulatory requirements (paperless archiving);
  • Automatic access documents from external sources, such as fax/email servers and scanners (Document Capture);
  • File all different forms of business content, from electronic to scanned documents, speech and video, microfilm;
  • Search, create, edit and share with other users (by controlled access) documents such as invoices, contracts, proposals, etc. both internal and external to the business.

Planning Approach

The first phase of the project, which will be completed in June 2010, aims at reducing the following paper-based documents generated by ERP Oracle JDE:

  • Customer sale invoices
  • Supplier invoices
  • Logbooks
  • VAT registers

Subsequent phases will implement the integrated solution, in compliance with regulatory requirements, to other paper-based documents generated by ERP (delivery notes) and other (contract management, estimates, etc.).


Improve business processes

  • Improved control over processes
  • Improved productivity

Reduce operating costs

  • Centralized storage
  • Reduction of paper handling

Enhanced customer services

  • Faster response times
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Develop new services

  • Online access to information for agents and partners
  • Online access to information for clients


Oracle EMEA Partner Specialization Award 2010     Oracle Partner Excellence Award PLM 2013

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