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Supply Chain and Management Consulting Division

The Supply Chain and Management Consulting Division at Sinfo One is based on the considerable experience and competencies of its consultants and a proven proprietary methodology offering a high level of consultancy services to satisfy customers' business objectives.

Sinfo One's management consulting operates according to a consolidated proprietary methodology: Sinfo Check-On, a company check up process consisting of four phases, spanning from the initial diagnosis to the development of evolutionary scenarios.

In the first phase, diagnosis, the approach used is to carry out a rapid, non-invasive study both to maintain a good cost/benefit ratio and because the organization and systems of an enterprise are an ever-changing entity.

In order to develop future evolutionary scenarios, the second phase of the analysis method collects data through a series of targeted interviews with the people responsible for the business processes examined. These interviews are used again in the third phase to develop a KPI scale for the processes and carry out an analysis to measure any gaps against the sector benchmarks.

A key feature and winning element of all consultancy services delivered by Sinfo One's experts is the strong link between the studies carried out and customer business objectives. The subject of an analysis in not the systems in themselves, but business processes, which also have to be viewed according to the support they receive from various IT systems.

The study of business processes is performed in four phases, starting with the definition of business objectives and developing a map of processes which become the subject of qualitative and quantitative surveys.

Analysis tools (process mapping, qualitative and quantitative surveys such as full-time equivalent matrix, etc.) are used for diagnosis in the third phase of the process, and gaps detected against benchmarks allow planning of short-and-long term intervention scenarios during the fourth and final phase of the assessment process.

To complete the range of consultancy services offered, the method promoted by Sinfo One draws particular attention to supply chain management; a critical area especially for customers working in the large scale retail sector. More specifically, the vision of change management in the analysis of supply chain processes blends well with the subsequent phases of STeP methodology (technological planning solutions) for the development of future scenarios.

During implementation Sinfo One uses both internal solutions and vertical IT solutions built by reference partners, particularly in inventory management and production planning areas.

System assessment projects

A project is divided into the following phases. Scheduled meetings are four-hour modules; the project operating planning may involve a different structure of meetings.

Phase 1 Project preparation

Phase 2 Current status Analysis

Phase 3 Gap diagnosis gaps

Phase 4 Planning corrective actions

1.1 Definition of business objectives

1.2 Agreement on process mapping

2.1 Quantitative and qualitative process analyses

2.2 Gaps vs. objectives

3 Selection and prioritization of the issues to tackle

4.1 Long-term evolutionary scenarios

4.2 Short-and-medium term plans

STEP (Technological Planning Solutions)

Understand complexities, reduce and manage complexities, increase control systems options

Process assessment, model planning, and solutions implementation

Project commitment

Selection of business objectives, gap analysis vs. objectives, work plan, selection of technologies, organizational and cultural changes, training and change management

Process mapping, medium-and- long- term scenarios, TOBE process design, selection of KPI, solutions development, maintenance


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This is why partnerships are an inalienable element of our business strategy.


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