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The site and content are provided according to the terms of use in compliance with the laws and regulations of the Italian Republic.

If you do not agree, entirely or partially, to these terms of use below please do not view this site.

Privacy and copyrights

The site and content are the intellectual property of, and are managed by Sinfo One S.p.A. Sinfo One (The Owner) reserves the right, in full confidentiality (at its sole discretion) and within the law, to modify, suspend or terminate, freely and without notice, the terms and conditions herein. The Owner has published material, which is intended for information and broadcasting, and is the owner of all copyrights and commercial uses of the entire resources and contents published in all types and forms.

The Owner offers no guarantee that this site or its contents will meet your specific requirements and shall not be liable for any damage that results from the use of content.

Data security and accessing the site

The Owner guarantees that this site has been configured and, wherever possible, will be managed with appropriate instruments to ensure its correct and continuous functionality. However, because of the nature of technology and expertise, the Owner cannot exclude the possibility of malfunctioning and/or transmission errors.

As a result, by entering the site you agree that:

  • The site or parts of it may be temporarily inaccessible due to malfunction or connection failures or to any circumstance beyond the Owner's control;
  • The Owner, except where expressly stated otherwise, has no control over the nature and content of information from programmes received through the use of the site, and does not monitor site usage;
  • The Owner has no responsibility for the material used and for actions taken during site navigation;
  • The Owner does not accept responsibility in relation to any third-party virus or other malware transmission.

By accessing the site you (the Visitor) agree:

  • Not to use the site or content provided for any unlawful or prohibited purposes, such as the distribution of any material, in any manner, for illegal purposes;
  • Not to use the site to interrupt, damage or reduce efficiency of part or all of it;
  • Not to use the site to transfer or embed any virus or other damaging, offensive, obscene or threatening material, which could be upsetting, distasteful or degrading ;
  • Not to use the site in a way that promotes the violation or infringement of third party rights including, but not limited to, privacy and copyrights;
  • Not to use the site for advertising and publicity material without the Owner's written permission.

Terms applicable to the creation of links to the site and/or to other sites

You and other users can create links to this site provided you obtain prior written permission. In any case, the Owner reserves the right to request removal of such links at any time.

The site may contain links to external sites owned by others. When you activate these links the external site will open in a new browser window. The Owner has no control over them and therefore does not accept responsibility for the content and cannot, in any way, guarantee the correct functioning.

The presence of other links does not imply the Owner's approval of their content. You will therefore need to acknowledge and respect the terms and conditions of those sites.

Likewise, any link that connects to this site, even when authorised by the Owner, does not imply that the Owner approves of its content, nor does it imply any exception to the above terms of use.

Use of cookies and data protection

The site uses "cookies". "Cookies" are information that can be stored on your server and that allow identification of some features of the web browser. Most browsers in use automatically accept "cookies", but you may configure your own browser differently, in which case you may not have access to the site content.

Privacy policy

Any personal information that we may collect from your use of the site shall be processed in full respect of the current legislation and in particular of Legislative Decree (D.Lgs) 196/2003. Each time the Owner has access to personal data through the site you will be notified and asked to review the applicable law, Art. 13 of the above mentioned D.Lgs.196/2003, by the Owner and will be required to accept the conditions therein.

Protection of copyrights and logos

Sinfo One S.p.A. is the sole owner of the site content. All rights reserved.

By visiting www.sinfo-one.it you have access to a variety of resources and content. These include database software and consultancy services that are protected by Italian law and in particular by the legislation of 22nd April 1941 no. 633 and subsequent amendments relating to copyrights. Except where expressly stated otherwise, these are the sole property of Sinfo One S.p.A.. Therefore any reproduction of distribution, partial or otherwise, of the site and content, which have not be granted authorisation, shall be considered in violation of the above applicable laws and be subject to legal action or proceedings.

Except for any restrictions to the current legislation, any partial reproduction of the site and or content by any means, technique and/or instrument is expressly forbidden without prior written permission by the Owner.

Authorisation requests can be sent to the following e-mail address: mailto:marketing@sinfo-one.it

Partial quotations are permitted for research purposes or critical reviews only, provided they include the name of the author and the source "www.sinfo-one.it".

The material and information provided in or through the site by the Owner are made available to you, except where expressly stated otherwise, solely for personal use.

You agree that you will only upload or download parts of the site content and services, for which you have the right and authority to do so. You agree not to use the site content to violate the rights of the Owner.

All copyrights and intellectual property relating to the site content and configuration are solely reserved to authorised people (see page on "Credit lines").

Logos and trademarks of products and editorial material provided in the site are, unless otherwise stated, the property of Sinfo One S.p.A..

It is forbidden to use these logos and trademarks, as well as meta tags and/or hidden text, without prior written permission from the Owner.


Oracle EMEA Partner Specialization Award 2010     Oracle Partner Excellence Award PLM 2013
Sinfo One Kick off 2017
Friday, 2nd December 2017. An event to celebrate the achievements in 2016 and share goals for 2017.
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Save the Date: Digital Transformation Workshop
Parma - 14 December 2016 - 9:30 to 16:30 - One-day interactive workshop to discuss what digital transformation is, and create a strategy for using JDE for business transformation.
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Sinfo One sponsor of the Oracle Cloud Day 2016
Sinfo One is sponsor of the Oracle Claud Day 2016, the biggest Oracle's customer event in Italy this year. Milan, November 14th 2016
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Sinfo One joins Redfaire International
Redfaire International brings together Europe'ss leading Oracle JD Edwards consulting partners and helps clients to manage their global JD Edwards ERP projects.
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Poḿ Casalmaggiore Wins The Champions League
Volleyball European Championship Women -The team sponsored by Sinfo One is European champion.
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New event - Manchester United Stadium: From Marketing to quality
Manchester United Stadium - 28th April 2016. From Strategic Marketing to Quality Governance - Best Practice in Food Industry
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Sinfo One Partner Sponsor of Parma Marathon 2016
The first edition of the marathon will be held in Parma on October 16th 2016
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Event - Strategic Innovation: Best Practice of Food Business Governance
Friday 26 February 2016 - Parma, Italy - Sinfo One and Este invite you to the event: "Strategic Innovation: From Marketing to Quality: Best Practice of Food Business Governance".
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Sinfo One at the Oracle Open World 2015
Sinfo One attends the world's largest tech conference and brings 4 important italian customer: Amadori, Banfi, Olitalia and Spal.
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Oracle European Value Chain Summit 2014
At the Oracle European Value Chain Summit 2014, Sinfo One brings Liza Beattie, Business Analyst and Agile Administrator at KP Snacks Ltd, to illustrate the implementation project of Sinfo One¿s PLM solution, based on Oracle Agile.
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